John Whinney – 50 Years in the Royal Arch

On January 20th E Comp John Whinney was presented with a certificate to mark 50 years service to the Royal Arch. John was initiated into Castle Lodge of Harmony No 26 by his father in April 1952, within 2 weeks of turning 21. In January 1965 he was exalted in Castle Chapter of Harmony No 26, having served as a Grand Steward in 1960, an honour that was repeated in 1980. One of the highlights of John’s Masonic career was serving as a Steward at the Royal Albert Hall on the occasion of the Installation of HRH Duke of Kent as Most Worshipful Grand Master.

John has served the Royal Arch and the Craft well over the years, having been elected auditor for Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter in 1967, posts he held until 1988. He was also Treasurer of Castle Lodge of Harmony for some 48 years and Castle Chapter of Harmony for 44 years. He has had several active ranks in the Royal Arch including Grand Sojourner in 1975 and Grand Scribe N in 1993.

John moved into Hertfordshire Freemasonry when he joined White Star Lodge no 8727 in 1980. He was founder of three Hertfordshire Chapters: Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter no. 8984 in 1992, White Star Chapter no. 8727 in 1997 and Verulam Chapter no. 6131 in 2003.

When he was 20 years old, John’s Father asked him whether he had considered joining Masonry. He said “No, because I don’t know anything about it”. His father responded by saying that he didn’t want to pressurise John into it, but said that if he did join, he would have no regrets. As John said “This prediction has proved, if anything, an understatement; I have hugely enjoyed my masonry and all the many friends I have met.”