Chantry Bodina Chapter, 9121

At the Annual Convocation in November 2016 E. Companion Derrick Lyons was awarded the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent’s Certificate of Service to Royal Arch Masonry, in recognition for the hard work and years of devotion to the Holy Royal Arch. What makes this all the more remarkable is that the Chapter already has three other members who have received the same honour – E. Comps.

Len Collins, Howard Freeman and John Cooper. The Chapter must be doing something right because at the February 2017 Convocation, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward presented a 2019 Festival Jewel to Comp Rabbi Gideon Schulman who joined the Chapter in 2016. Whilst many Hertfordshire Freemasons have signed the regular payment promise to become Stewards of the Festival, very few receive the jewel through their Chapters. What is even more significant is that Companion Gideon has his roots in a London Lodge and a London Chapter.