Provincial Information Officer Vacancy

Tony Reffold has been our Provincial Information Officer since November 2014 and in that time has served the Province well, in collating, editing and publishing media items of interest on the website and in the Provincial News Magazine. Unfortunately, owing to his changing roles within the Craft Province of Hertfordshire, he is unable to continue in his current role as Provincial Information Officer and therefore a VACANCY has arisen for this rewarding and demanding post.

The scope of the role is to implement a positive information, editorial and publishing strategy for the Royal Arch Province of Hertfordshire, in gathering of news worthy items, editing and publishing editorial for the Royal Arch Website, Provincial News Magazine and other information mediums.

The chosen Provincial Information Officer would be directly responsible to David Hampton, Deputy Grand Superintendent.

For those who are interested in assisting the Executive in this important role, please send a letter of interest, addressed to: David J Hampton at or call on 07970 685210.

Closing date for letters of interest is 31 st July 2017