Moorfields Eye To Eye Charity Walk

E. Comp Terry Raymont and his wife Valerie completed a 4-mile walk from Moorfields Eye Hospital in City Road, London to the London Eye in horrendous weather but raised a magnificent sum of £675.00 in the process. This figure was further bolstered by a £200.00 donation from the Royal Arch Benevolent Fund. Whilst walking four miles might not seem a massive challenge to some, it should be noted that E Comp Terry has had Glaucoma for 35 years and his wife Valerie was about to undergo major surgery for cancer (now fully cleared up). Terry was also about to have a procedure to prevent the development of cancer in himself.

E Comp Terry said that he has lot to be grateful to Moorfields Eye Hospital for, as his daughter was a patient as a child, his mother was a patient for many years and his wife has called upon their A&E services on occasion. The family are delighted to be able to give something back to this incredible institution.