E Comp R. Ian Groves – Certificate of Service to Royal Arch Masonry

On Thursday 10th August 2017, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp James Sharpley accompanied by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp David Hampton and E Comp Edward Miller had the pleasure and privilege to visit E Comp Ian Groves at his home in Bishops Stortford to present him with the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent’s Certificate of Service to Royal Arch Masonry in Hertfordshire. The delegation spent some time with E Comp Ian and his wife Maggie reminiscing over his time in Masonry in general, having been initiated in 1975, and reflecting on all those good times and occasions.

E Comp Ian was exalted into the Stortford Chapter in 1986 and installed as First Principal in 1996, having worked his way through the various offices prior to that appointment. In 2000, he was appointed Scribe E, a position he held until 2016 when he handed the reins over to his successor, but so as not to lose touch, was appointed Assistant Scribe E at the same Convocation. In his many year’s of membership in Stortford Chapter, E Comp Ian has been a stalwart supporter of all its’ activities and ably assisted many of the junior Companions to achieve their own goals and aspirations.  

For all his hard work and dedication, E Comp Ian was first appointed to Provincial Grand Rank as Provincial Grand Standard Bearer in 2000; promoted to Past Provincial Deputy Grand Registrar in 2004 and Past Provincial Grand Registrar in 2011. In recognition of his services to the Province in general and the Stortford Chapter No 409 in particular, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent had no hesitation of awarding E Comp Ian with his Certificate of Service to Royal Arch Masonry for his long and meritorious service. The Deputy Grand Superintendent followed the presentation by presenting E Comp Ian with a gold lapel pin as a memento of the occasion.