Royal Arch Province of Hertfordshire Annual Convocation 2018

On Monday 5 th November 2018 our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp James Sharpley presided over a wonderful convocation attended by 468 Companions of the Province and Guests, including 10 Grand Superintendents from neighbouring Provinces.

It was a truly memorable occasion when 35 Companions received either a re-appointment, appointment or promotion to active rank and 67 Companions received promotions in or were appointed to past rank. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent re-appointed and invested the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp David Hampton. E Comp Phillip Masters was promoted & invested as the Second Provincial Grand Principal and E Comp Rodney Hancock was promoted & invested as the Third Provincial Grand Principal.

In 2016, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the Executive Team launched the MENTORING and ROYAL ARCH REPRESENTATIVE schemes and as the workload to these initiatives increased, it was recognised that other qualified Companions would need to join the team in order to drive these initiatives forward. The Executive agreed to create two new
offices of “Assistants to the Principals” and E Comp Peter Walters & E Comp Darren Bending were appointed and invested to their respective roles. E Comp Peter is to assist the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Rodney Hancock and the Provincial Mentor, E Comp Tim Coles to drive the Royal Arch Representative recruitment initiative forward in our Craft
Lodges whilst E Comp Darren Bending, who help initiate the Chapter Liaison Officer Scheme in 2017, will assist the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Phillip Masters, to ensure that the communication strategy between the Chapters and the Royal Arch Executive continues to thrive and florish.

E Comp Bob Wale was promoted and invested as the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and the remainder of the Executive were re-appointed to their respective Offices, namely E Comp John Linley, Provincial Grand Scribe E; E Comp Tim Huckle, Provincial Grand Treasurer; E Comp David Broomer, Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe E and E Comp Tim Coles as Provincial Mentor.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the Deputy Grand Superintendent welcomed and congratulated six representative Exaltees to the meeting in the persons of Comp’s: Thomas Day, East Hertfordshire Chapter Nº3748; Ty Harris, Cranbourne Chapter Nº1580; Rory Forbes William MacDonald, Concord Chapter Nº767; Philip John Masters, Earl of Clarendon Chapter Nº1984; Preben Christiansen & Jan Petersen of Old Fullerian Chapter Nº4698, both of whom had only been exalted three days earlier on Friday 2 nd November 2018 in Watford.

Of particular note, was the presentation of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent’s Certificate of Service to Royal Arch Masonry to E Comp’s: Edwin Thomas Roach of Potters Bar Chapter Nº8704; Martin Graham Walker of Stanstead Abbotts Chapter Nº9085 and Derek Hester of East Hertfordshire Chapter Nº3748, who received their certificates and grateful thanks from the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and a commemorative gold tie pin from the Deputy Grand Superintendent. The Companions were warmly applauded by all those present.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent addressed the Companions highlighting the current and new initiatives and thanked all the Companions for their support and enthusiasm for the Royal Arch in Hertfordshire. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent also made mention of the retirement of the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Paul Blakemore for his unstinting continuous service to the Province and to the retiring Provincial Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Robert Asser for his valuable contribution over many years. Although both were unable to be present due to health reasons, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent acknowledged their help and support, thanked them for their past service and wished them both a speedy recovery. (The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent’s full address can be found in a separate article).
The Festive Board was well attended and received, with 274 Companions and Guests dining in the Grand Connaught Rooms, following which the Deputy Grand Superintendent thanked the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, on behalf of all the Companions, for presiding over such a wonderful meeting before proposing a toast to his continued success and health. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent responded with grateful thanks and that he was enjoying the companionship and support from all the Companions in this Province of Happy Hertfordshire.