Past & Present Director of Ceremonies at Supreme Grand Chapter

At the recent Annual Investiture Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter, no less than 8 Current or
Past Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies or Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies were
in attendance to support those who were receiving either appointments to or promotions in Supreme
Grand Chapter. It was a great pleasure to have E Comp Robert Asser back in the ranks after his long
absence through illness in 2018 and he is equally looking forward to his new role as the Third Provincial
Grand Principal, when he is to be invested at the Hertfordshire Annual Convocation on Monday 4th
November 2019.

Left to Right: E Comp’s: Rod Hancock PGStB, (3rd Provincial Grand Principal); Mark Aitkins, AGDC;
David Hampton PGSwdB (Deputy Grand Superintendent); Robert Asser, PGStB, (Past Provincial Grand
Director of Ceremonies & 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Designate); Bob Wale, PAGDC, (Provincial
Grand Director of Ceremonies); Gary Warren, PAGSoj, (Past Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies);
Phil Masters, PAGDC (2nd Provincial Grand Principal)