Charity and the Royal Arch

Until Supreme Grand Chapter launched a fund named the RA 2013 Appeal, to celebrate 200 years of Royal Arch Masonry and to raise funds for the Royal College of Surgeons, there had been no charitable fund raising on a national basis. This was launched in November 2010 and closed in December 2013 with the target to raise one million pounds. At its conclusion, it raised a grand total of two and a half million and Hertfordshire Royal Arch Masons contributed the magnificent sum of more than £171,000.

The Provincial Grand Chapter runs a Benevolent Fund Relief Chest where monies are distributed to worthy causes by our Most Excellent Grand Superintendant. This could be for local charities but in the time of a Craft Festival our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent will support the Provincial Grand Master and donate to that Festival. Likewise Chapters are encouraged to support our benevolent fund, local charities and in the times of a Craft Festival, our RW Provincial Grand Master.

The current Craft Festival runs until 2019 and is in support of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys. Monies raised for this charity are collected by the RMTGB directly. This means that your Chapter doesn’t need to have their own Relief Chest to attract an extra 25% Gift Aid. It is a simple matter of distributing RMTGB envelopes, which you will find in the lobby of all Masonic centres, collecting the cash and sending a covering cheque directly to the RMTGB with the correct form. Should you be unsure of the procedure please get in touch with me by email or telephone.

It is worth adding that with this Festival, any money you give whether in your mother Lodge, Chapter or any unit you visit will be added to your own personal account and count towards your honorifics.