Closure of Phocas Chapter Nº 9295

Thursday 6th September 2018

After a year of debate over the future of Phocas Chapter Nº 9295, the members eventually decided that it had no future and that it would reluctantly surrender its Charter in consequence of that decision.

On Thursday 6 th September 2018, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp David Hampton accompanied by the 2 nd Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Paul Blakemore, the 3 rd Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Phillip Masters, the Provincial Grand Scribe E, E Comp John Linley, the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Bob Wale, the Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe E, E Comp David Broomer with a retinue of other Provincial Officers, joined the Companions
of the Chapter and Guests to celebrate its 75 th and final meeting.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent accepted from the Acting MEZ, the Sceptre and Chair and proceeded to invite the Provincial Grand Principal’s, the Provincial Grand Scribe E and the Provincial Grand Steward, E Comp Matthew Johnson, acting as the Chapter Scribe N, to take their respective chairs. The Deputy Grand Superintendent then gave an address as to the purpose of the Convocation.

After the address, the Deputy Grand Superintendent invited E Comp Michael Phelan, Chapter Scribe E, to deliver a short history of the Chapter. A copy of the full history can be found here.

The meeting progressed through the “Service of Thanksgiving” followed by the “Return of the Symbols of Harmony” and concluded with the “Surrender of the Charter”. The Deputy Grand Superintendent thanked the Companions of the Chapter for the contribution they had made to the Royal Arch Province of Hertfordshire in general and the Phocas Chapter Nº 9295 in particular. In all, 43 Companions were in attendance and enjoyed a solemn but joyous occasion, celebrating 24 years of Royal Arch Masonry in Phocas Chapter, that had seen 33 exaltations and had 7 joining members over that period.

A sumptuous celebratory banquet followed the meeting that was enjoyed by all. The Deputy Grand Superintendent again thanked the members of the Chapter for all their hard work and dedication and that he looked forward to their continuing membership within the Province of Happy Hertfordshire.