List of Chapters

Number Name Venue Consecrated Meetings
403 Hertford Hertingfordbury 13 March 1872 2nd Mon May (Inst), 3rd Mon Oct, 3rd Mon Feb
404 Watford Watford 19 July 1830 Last Fri Apr (Inst), 1st Fri Sept, 4th Fri Oct
409 Stortford Sawbridgeworth 05 June 1877 4th Wed Jan (Inst), 3rd Wed Mar, 1st Wed Oct
449 Cecil Letchworth 20 June 1899 4th Thu Jun (Inst), 4th Thu Oct, 4th Thu Apr
504 Berkhampstead Linslade 29 October 1907 3rd Tue Oct (Inst), 3rd Tue Feb, 3rd Tue Jun
767 Concord St Albans 13 April 1908 1st Sat July (Inst), 2nd Sat Feb, 3rd Sat Mar
869 Gresham Cheshunt 14 September 1981 2nd Mon Sep (Inst), 2nd Tue Nov, 4th Tue Feb
1327 King Harold Cheshunt 18 June 1920 1st Sat Nov (Inst), 2nd Sat Feb, 1st Sat July
1385 Gladsmuir Cheshunt 25 February 1875 4th Thu Feb (Inst), 4th Thu Apr, 2nd Thu Nov
1479 Halsey St Albans 29 May 1891 2nd Thu June (Inst), 2nd Thu Oct, 2nd Thu Feb
1580 Cranbourne St Albans 17 October 1923 3rd Wed Oct (Inst), 2nd Wed Mar, 1st Wed July
1757 King Henry VIII St Albans 19 January 1954 4th Mon Jan (Inst), 4th Mon Apr, 4th Mon Sep
1926 Wayfarers Hertford 20 October 1992 2nd Fri Oct (Inst), 2nd Fri Jan, 2nd Fri Mar
1984 Earl Of Clarendon Watford 15 May 1901 3rd Wed Jan (Inst), 3rd Wed Mar, 3rd Wed Nov
2086 Dacre Letchworth 21 June 1946 3rd Thu Apr (Inst), 4th Thu Sep, 4th Thu Jan
2136 St Michaels 30 January 1947 4th Wed Feb (Inst), 4th Wed May, 4th Wed Oct
2218 Rickmansworth Watford 30 October 1946 2nd Thu Apr (Inst), 2nd Thu Sep, 2nd Thu Dec
2278 Kingswood Letchworth 15 April 1915 1st Fri Nov (Inst), 4th Fri Feb, 3rd Fri May
2331 Ravenscroft Radlett 14 October 1925 3rd Tue Nov (Inst), 3rd Mon Feb, 3rd Tue Apr
2353 Broxbourne Radlett 21 March 1896 2nd Mon Mar (Inst), 3rd Thurs May, 3rd Mon Oct
2372 James Terry Copenhagan, Denmark 20 July 1892 2nd Sat Nov (Inst), 2nd Sat Jan, 2nd Sat Apr
2518 Charles Edward Keyser Cheshunt 30 October 1905 3rd Tue Sep (Inst), 3rd Tue Jan, 3rd Tue May
2921 Cheshunt Esberg, Denmark 29 January 1919 2nd Sat May (Inst), 2nd Sat Nov, 1st Sat Mar
3002 Ware Hertingfordbury 23 March 1920 1st Thu Mar (Inst), 1st Thu May, 1st Thu Nov
3092 Elstree Radlett 25 July 1925 1st Sat Oct (Inst), 4th Sat Apr, 2nd Sat Jun
3318 Sprig of Acacia Radlett 29 October 1920 3rd Sat Dec (Inst), 2nd Sat Apr, 2nd Sat Sept
3398 Gaddesden St Albans 23 November 1944 3rd Sat Apr (Inst), 3rd Sat Nov, 3rd Sat Jan
3651 Bombay Radlett 30 October 2001 2nd Tue Jun (Inst), 1st Thu Sep, 1st Thu Feb
3748 East Hertfordshire Cheshunt 24 October 1917 3rd Mon Nov (Inst), 3rd Mon Jan, 3rd Mon Apr
4090 Herts 1st Principals Cheshunt 15 October 1954 4th Mon Oct (Inst)
4090 Herts 1st Principals Letchworth 15 October 1954 4th Wed Mar
4304 Royston Royston 03 February 1964 1st Thu Dec (Inst), 1st Thu Mar, 1st Thu May
4314 Harpenden St Albans 17 January 1942 4th Wed Jan (Inst), 2nd Wed Apr, 3rd Wed Sep
4698 Old Fullerian Odense, Denmark 27 May 1963 4th Sat May (Inst), 3rd Sat Nov, 3rd Sat Jan
4726 Theobalds Cheshunt 25 May 1944 Last Wed Oct (Inst), Last Wed Jan, Last Wed Apr
4752 Halsey Hall Cheshunt 21 February 1947 1st Sat Feb (Inst), 1st Sat Jun, 1st Sat Oct
4827 Lea Valley St Albans 24 February 1948 1st Sat Oct (Inst), 4th Sat Jan, 2nd Sat May
4999 Old Albanian St Albans School 20 September 1950 2nd Sat Oct (Inst), 1st Sat Feb, 3rd Sat Apr
5026 Edmonton Latymer Cheshunt 13 January 1947 3rd Mon Oct (Inst), 4th Mon Feb, 4th Mon Apr
5109 Letchworth G.C. Letchworth 24 May 1945 3rd Sat May (Inst), 3rd Sat Sep, 3rd Sat Nov, 4th Sat Feb
5110 Sawbridgeworth Sawbridgeworth 28 September 1945 2nd Tue Oct (Inst), 3rd Tue Mar, 3rd Tue May
5152 Priory St Albans 09 May 1949 1st Sat Nov (Inst), 2nd Sat Feb, 3rd Sat May
5192 Walnut Tree Cheshunt 29 May 1936 1st Tue May (Inst), 1st Tue Nov, 1st Tue Feb
5262 Baldock Letchworth 21 February 1939 1st Wed Apr (Inst), 1st Wed Jun, 3rd Wed Sep
5748 Welwyn G.C. Hertingfordbury 09 October 1950 2nd Wed Oct (Inst), 1st Wed May
6044 South Hertfordshire Radlett 10 June 1947 3rd Tue May (Inst), 4th Tue Sep, 4th Tue Jan
6131 Verulam St Albans 22 July 2003 3rd Tue Oct (Inst), 3rd Tue Jan, 3rd Tue Apr
6492 West Watford Watford 20 June 1962 4th Fri Nov (Inst), Last Fri Jan, 2nd Fri May
6563 Bissei Watford 12 November 1950 2nd Tue Feb (Inst), 2nd Tue May, 2nd Tue Dec
6652 Radlett Radlett 15 February 1965 1st Wed Mar (Inst), 3rd Wed Jun, 1st Wed Oct
6918 North Watford & Oxhey Watford 13 February 1999 2nd Sat Feb (Inst), 3rd Sat Jun, 4th Sat Oct
7100 Cloisters Letchworth 16 February 2004 Sat Following 4th Sat Oct (Inst), Sat Following 4th Sat Jan, Last Sat Jun
7125 Woodhall Park & Eastgate Cheshunt 25 November 1966 4th Fri Nov (Inst), 4th Fri Feb, 4th Fri Apr
7169 Goffs Oak Cheshunt 29 October 1956 3rd Tue Nov (Inst), 4th Tue Feb, 4th Tue Jun
7567 Chapter of Grand Design Cheshunt 04 February 1974 2nd Mon Feb (Inst), 2nd Mon Jun, 2nd Mon Oct
7662 All Hallows Cheshunt 07 October 2002 1st Mon Oct (Inst), 2nd Mon Mar, 2nd Mon Jun
7748 Stevenage Letchworth 23 May 1985 4th Thu May (Inst), 1st Thu Nov, 3rd Thu Feb
8155 Ellenbrook Radlett 16 May 1972 4th Wed Jun (Inst), 2nd Thu Nov, 3rd Wed Jan
8384 Penmans Green St Albans 12 January 1976 2nd Mon Jan (Inst), 2nd Mon May, 2nd Mon Oct
8662 Kudu St Albans 22 September 1989 4th Wed Oct (Inst), 4th Wed Feb, 2nd Wed June
8704 Potters Bar Radlett 17 October 1984 3rd Wed Oct (Inst), 2nd Wed Jan, 3rd Wed Apr
8705 Hooks Cross Letchworth 31 January 1986 3rd Fri Jun (Inst), 3rd Fri Dec, 3rd Fri Feb
8727 White Star St Albans 17 October 1996 4th Wed Oct (Inst), 2nd Thu May
8746 High Barnet 1st Principals Radlett 29 October 1979 1st Wed Sep (Inst), 1st Wed Jan,
8831 St Amphibalus in Jubilation St Albans 24 February 1988 1st Tue Mar (Inst), 4th Tue May, 1st Wed Oct
8919 Prae Wood St Albans 10 June 1996 Last Mon Nov (Inst), 1st Mon Mar, 2nd Mon Jun
8984 Provincial Grand Stewards Cheshunt 27 February 1992 First 5th Thu of Mar, Apr, May (Inst), First 5th Thu of Sep, Oct, Nov,
9085 Stanstead Abbotts Hertingfordbury 02 February 1989 2nd Thu Apr (Inst), 1st Thu Oct, 1st Thu Feb
9116 Winchmore Green Cheshunt 24 May 1993 4th Tue May (Inst), 1st Tue Dec, 4th Tue Jan
9121 Chantry Bodina Radlett 31 January 1973 1st Mon Feb (Inst), 1st Mon Apr, 2nd Mon Oct
9262 Queens Oak Hertingfordbury 23 September 1992 3rd Wed Nov (Inst), 4th Wed Jan, 2nd Wed May
9324 Universal Tree of Life Radlett 12 July 1945 3rd Mon Jun (Inst), 1st Tue Sep, 2nd Mon Dec
9369 Guy Marsden Halsey Cheshunt 29 March 1994 4th Mon Sep (Inst),  4th Mon Mar
9608 Burning Bush Radlett 31 May 2001 1st Tue Jun (Inst), 4th Tue Nov
9675 Michael Batham Jones Cheshunt 04 December 2000 2nd Sat Oct (Inst), 1st Sat May – Meridian meeting