John Stuart Hay – 60 years in Royal Arch Freemasonry

At the January Convocation of High Barnet First Principals Nº8746, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Comp James Sharpley, presented E Comp John Stuart Hay with his certificate marking his 60 years’ distinguished service to the Holy Royal Arch.

Before the presentation of the certificate, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Comp James Sharpley gave an oration of E Comp John’s career in the Craft and Holy Royal Arch. E Comp John was initiated into Harringay Lodge Nº 2763 on 7thJuly 1951, in which he was passed and raised. He became a Honorary Member of that Lodge in 2011. In Hertfordshire, he was a joining member of Hertfordshire Masters Lodge Nº4090 in 1985; White Star Lodge Nº 8727 in 1992 and Old Elizabethans & Totteridge Lodge Nº 7987 in 2011. He was also a founder of Michael Batham Jones Lodge Nº9675 in 1998.

In the Holy Royal Arch, E Comp John was exalted into Harringay Chapter Nº 2763 in London on 24thJanuary 1959 and became a joining member of High Barnet First Principals Chapter Nº 8746in 1993, where he held the office of First Principal in 2008. He also joined White Star Chapter Nº 8727 in 1997 and was installed as First Principal in 2000 and finally joined Gresham Chapter  Nº 869 in 2017.

E Comp John’s continued service to the Royal Arch has been exemplary and the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent commented that it was not only a pleasure but a privilege to present a 60 years’ certificate, which was indeed a rare occurrence.


E Comp John thanked the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the Companions and in  reply, delivered short reminiscences of his distinguished Royal Arch career to the Companions of the Chapter, which was received to rapturous applause and a standing ovation.