2021 Prostate Screening

Saturday 16th October 2021

Are you aged 40 or over, and do you know the health of your Prostate? Don’t know? Then why not register, and come
along to the Cloisters, Barrington Road, Letchworth, SG6 3TH on Saturday 16th October 2021 between 9.30 am and
1.30 pm where the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust, who are supporting prostate cancer awareness and early
diagnosis through PSA testing, in conjunction with the Provincial Grand Chapter of Hertfordshire, with free parking and
complimentary teas available, you can come along and have the health of your prostate tested.

All it takes is just 20 minutes, so why not make a booking, and if you have not registered on the website, or had a PSA
test with the Trust since January 2020, please go to http://www.mypsatests.org.uk.

You will need to register for an account or login. To register for an account, enter your email address and your name.
You will be sent an e-mail to the e-mail address you have registered with. Please open this email and click on the
verification button which is green in colour.

Once you have clicked on the verification button, you will be able to make an appointment, and will be able also see
your results when the results email is sent to you and to access your full results. Please write down your e-mail address
and password for your account, and once you have verified your account, you can continue to make your appointment.
To make your appointment, use the following link https://gfct.mypsatests.org.uk/Events/ and moving down the page
look for this event and then click on it. The event should now show, and when you click on the event, you will see a
yellow shaded box to the right of the page underneath a padlock, please type in the following code MASONS and then
press enter, and you will have access to the event. To select the time that is suitable for you to attend, click on the
down arrow and this will open up a new box with all the times that are available for the event. Click on your desired
time and then click “book a space”.

A contact details page will then appear and if you have booked with us before, your address will be pre-populated,
please check these are correct? You are able to change any of these details on this screen.

If you have not used the Graham Fulford Trust before, please complete your contact details and please note that we do
NOT need your NHS number or your NI number.

Click through to the next page and complete the medical questions. Once done, Click through to the next page, and if
you haven’t any medical history in the family or you are not taking any prostate medication you will then be taken to

As the Province is paying for your test, you will not be sent through to the banking platform, but Donations would be
greatly appreciated, . If you do see the banking platform, then you have not inserted the code which is ‘MASONS’.

Please print off your blood form and bring it with you on the day. If you do not have a printer, ask the organizer on the
day of the event for your blood form. Each Blood form has a unique QR code which holds all your information. The
laboratory requires this for the process of analyzing your blood. If you do not have any access to the internet please
contact the Graham Fulford Trust office.

Please note that if you have any problems with making your appointment, contact the Graham Fulford Trust office on
01926 419959 and speak to Jon or Wendy. For more information, please contact E. Comp. Phil Masters at