Dacre Chapter – In-Person and Zoom

At a recent meeting of key Companions of Dacre Chapter No2086, it was decided, subject to any further “lockdown”, to host our next regular meeting on Thursday 24th September at the Cloisters Masonic Centre, Letchworth and allow those that wish to attend the courtesy of doing
so, whilst others that do not wish to attend, to join the Companions via a ‘Zoom’ connection. The format that has been agreed is as follows:

With all relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Social Distancing measures in place:

  • To open the Chapter
  • To confirm the minutes of the last two convocations (previously circulated, the last one having been abandoned
  • To conduct the business of the Chapter (if any)
  • To adopt the reports of the Almoner & Charity Steward (previously circulated)
  • To call-off
  • To allow non-attendees the courtesy of logging into the ‘Zoom’ meeting
  • To deliver a paper of Royal Arch interest
  • To allow the ‘Zoom’ participants the courtesy of a general discussion
  • To close the Zoom connection
  • To call on
  • The Risings
  • To Close the Chapter