Dacre Chapter Supports “Men in Sheds” initiative

The International Men in Sheds movement was created to give men a chance to meet together when they might just be sitting at home with nothing much to do.

MEZ Craig Lowes of Dacre Chapter presenting a cheque from the Companions of the Chapter to Peter Lowe, principal of the Hatfield “Men in Sheds” initiative

Retired Engineer Craig joined about 9 months ago and was quickly absorbed with the other men (and a lovely lady) in sharing skills and creating “stuff”.  Generally, using wood from discarded skips which would otherwise go to landfill, local schools have benefitted from dozens of bird box kits which the students can assemble and place; a set of stocks where the Head teacher could be pelted with wet sponges at the fete; a stable and crib for the Christmas play, and numerous garden and allotment planters.

Skills are shared and learnt, a lot of fun is had by all sorts of people and everyone is part of this great enterprise.  Look out for your local Men in Sheds!