Helping Newly Exalted Companions

We are reaching out to all chapters who are about to have an exaltation or have recently had one. The Royal Arch Province of Hertfordshire would like to introduce a scheme where all newly exalted companions have an opportunity to witness another exaltation in another chapter shortly after they have been exalted themselves.

So we are asking two things:

  • Do you have an exaltation coming up and would you be prepared to host some newly exalted companions, hopefully along with one of their sponsors, which would boost the numbers at your meeting. If the answer is yes, can you post your meeting with the invitation onto the Noticeboard on the website by letting James Davis know at
  • If you have recently exalted a new companion, notify them of this initiative and look on the noticeboard for any suitable convocations that they could attend along with their proposer and or seconder. I should state at this point that it will be on a self-financing basis so as not to burden the chapters with any additional costs.

If we could implement this initiative, it would serve two purposes, first, by increasing the number of attendees at your convocations which always makes for a better atmosphere and secondly, it keeps our newly exalted companions engaged.

Phillip Masters PAGSoj
Exec Member for Special Projects