Re-opening of Royal Arch meetings: Harpenden Chapter

Harpenden RA Chapter No 4314 is to meet on 16th September 2020. The Chapter was last able to meet for its Installation in January, but not for an Exaltation Ceremony in April.

Harpenden Chapter

The Principals, John Smith, Martin Wallis, and Reg East have agreed to remain in office for 2021. The meeting in September is to conduct the business including the Election of Principals and Treasurer; consideration of other officials, auditors, committee members, and Janitor; a possible
increase in the dues and a ballot for a Joining Member and an Exaltee.

Following a Proclamation of the three Principals and with all other officers continuing in post, our January 2021 meeting will be an Exaltation. Traditionally this January meeting precedes a Burns’ Night Celebration when over the years the Chapter has an average attendance of 70.

Looking forward to the April meeting, when there has been an Exaltation in each of the past 10 years, this precedes a theme night which has included celebrations over the years of St George, Kipling, London, Shakespeare and Gilbert and Sullivan.

All attending the Burns’ Night Celebrations and the theme nights participate by reading a verse each of well-crafted poetry (!?!) Average attendance at the April meeting is just above 50.