The Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter 2021


Your Provincial Convocation is to be held at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street on Monday 1st November 2021.

As you will know it has been the norm for us to send the Calling Notice and the Dining Form within the Provincial Magazine.  This year we were unable to do that hence this message.

This meeting is an opportunity to support those who are receiving recognition of their contribution to our Order and I welcome those who feel comfortable about attending the Convocation to do so.

A significant change to this year’s arrangement concerns the dining.  In 2020 we had planned that dining would move from the Connaught Rooms into the vestibules of the Grand Temple, within Freemasons Hall.  As it turned out that was not possible, but this year we are doing just that as is explained in the linked documents below.

To download, and print the Calling Notice please click this link:

To download, and print the Dining Form please click this link:

To complete the Online Version of the Dining Form please click this link:
R.A. Provincial Convocation – Monday 1st November 2021 (

Even though you may not be dining, or not attending please still complete the Online Version above.  This will provide us with an indication of likely numbers.

I trust that this is clear, and I hope to see you at what we all hope to be a return to more normal masonic activities.

Best wishes

E Comp James Sharpley
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent