Two ‘Doubles’ and a Centenary at Concord (767) and King Harold (1327) Chapters

Five and a half hours might seem like a long time for a meeting to run, even with a break part way through, but for the members, guests, and candidates of Concord and King Harold Chapters it was a full, entertaining, and delightful day.

Meeting on the same day and with one of the Principals being in both Chapters, it was agreed the two units would share Masonic Centre, Festive Boards, and for part of each meeting, the same ‘actors’.

For Concord this was the annual Installation meeting, for King Harold it was a Covid-19 delayed Centenary celebration, however both Chapters also hosted a double Exaltation.

At 2 pm Concord Chapter opened and a Provincial delegation supporting the Provincial 3rd Grand Principal, E. Comp. Rod Kent entered. A short Installation meeting was then held, including the Induction of E. Comp. Tom Golds to First Principal.

The officers of the Chapter were shuffled with Ian Freeth becoming the 1st Principal, Tom Golds the 2nd, and Gary Sereno continuing as the acting 3rd. James Davis stayed as acting PS, Nick Edwards becoming the 1st assistant Sojourner and Luke Crouch the 2nd. Peter Lucas then took on the role of Scribe E and Richard Lane stayed as Scribe

The first of two double Exaltations was then held, with Brothers James and Robert being made Companions in a show piece ceremony that included ‘Setting the Scene’ readings, additional floor work within the vault, and taking advantage of the unique lighting of the Halsey Temple at Cheshunt.

This spectacular being over, the Concord Chapter closed and there was break for tea and coffee after which all reassembled and King Harold Chapter opened at 4:45 pm.

Shortly after, a Provincial delegation supporting the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. David Hampton and the Provincial 3rd Grand Principal, E. Comp. Rod Kent entered.

Once more there was a reorganising of the officers of the Lodge with the previous ‘actors’ resuming their roles with the exception of the office of 2nd Assistant Sojourner, which was taken by Paul Gower.

With the stage reset, two more Brothers, Simon and Robert, were Exalted in to the Royal Arch, this time in to King Harold Chapter. Again to the same high standards. The officers of King Harold Chapter resumed their places and their meeting continued with the much delayed celebration of their Centenary, with E Comps. David Hampton, Eric Hines (representing the Provincial 2nd Grand Principal) and Rod Kent occupying the chairs of the Principals. The Centenary Charter was confirmed and presented to the Chapter by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, then read out by the Scribe-E, E. Comp. William Hamilton-Hinds. The minutes of the Consecration meeting where then read. The
Provincial 3rd Grand Principal gave an oration covering the history of the Chapter and the events at the time of its Consecration.

The second meeting was closed and the Companions retired to the bar before the two Chapters shared an entertaining and lively Festive Board with pre and post grace being split between the two acting 3rd Principals for the Chapters.