William John Hamilton-Hinds – 50 Years’ Service

Initiated into Old Owen Lodge No 4440 in London at Friday 20th March 1970 a notable day as it shares the day with other occasions such as “the First Earth Day”, which continues to be remembered by the United Nations on the Spring Equinox each year; the hit “Bridge over Troubled Waters” by Simon &
Garfunkel was No1 in the US, Wanderin’ Star by Lee Marvin was No1 in the UK and David Bowie married model Angie Barnett.

He was subsequently passed on 23rd October 1970 and raised on 26th March 1971 and became the WM on three occasions, 1978, 1991 & 2013 dispersed with other offices as Almoner & Secretary over many years. He became a Founder of Potters Bar Lodge No 8704 on 13th May 1976 in which he was WM in 1980 & 2009 amongst his other role, as Secretary, again over many years.

He joined Herts Masters’ Lodge No 4090 in 1990, King Harold Lodge No 1327 in 2003, Stationers Company School Lodge No 7460 in London in 2003, was a Founder of Lodge of the Red Rampant Lyon No 9843 in 2009, he also joined Clerkenwell Lodge of Installed Masters No 9628 in 2010, Hertfordshire
Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No 8984 in 2013 and became an Honorary Member of Enock Lodge No 11 in 2015. He was WM in Stationers Company School Lodge in 2006 & 2016 and the Lodge of the Red Rampant Lyon in 2018.

In the Royal Arch, he was Exalted in Old Owens Chapter No 4440 on Friday 13th April 1973, which was also a notable day in Anglo American Politics as Henry Kissinger, National Security Affairs Adviser to US President Richard Nixon, in an address to Congress summarized the development of Anglo-American
relations., and the No1 hit in the UK was “Get Down” by Gilbert O’Sullivan. He was installed as 1st Principal in 1987 and was invested as Scribe E 2002, a position he still holds today.

He joined Potters Bar Chapter No 8704 in 1987, King Harold Chapter No 1327 in 2001 and Herts First Principals Chapter No 4090 in 2004. He was Installed as 1st Principal in King Harold Chapter in 2007 & 2019 and has been Scribe E intermittently since 2003, for over 14 years, a post he still holds today. He was
also Scribe E of Potters Bar Chapter from 2002 – 2011 & Treasurer from 2011 until 2014.

In the Craft, in Hertfordshire, he was awarded PPGStdB in 1987, promoted to PPGSuptWks in 1993, Promoted to PProvGJW in 2003, promoted to ProvGSuptWks in 2006 & ProvGReg in 2011. In London, he was awarded SVO 2010.

In Grand Lodge, he was appointed GStB in 2004, promoted to PAGDC in 2012 and PJGD in 2020.

In the Royal Arch, in Hertfordshire, he was appointed PPGSoj in 1998 and promoted to PPGScN in 2005. In London he was awarded LGCR in 2001 and promoted to SLGCR in 2007.

They always say that if you want something doing, ask a busy man and certainly E Comp Bill is the personification of that statement. A friendly giant of a man who wears his heart on his sleeve!