Royal Arch Province of Hertfordshire Annual Convocation 2021

The Grand Temple, Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London

On Monday 1st November 2021, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp James Sharpley presided over a wonderful meeting which was the first Provincial Convocation following the COVID-19 lockdown. The Convocation was attended by 384 Companions of the Province and Guests, with Representatives from 15 neighbouring Provinces, including 9 Grand Superintendent’s. 

It was a truly memorable occasion for all in attendance when 37 Companions received either a appointment, re-appointment or promotion to Active Rank; 44 Companions received Past Rank Promotions and 19 Companions their Past Rank First Appointments. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent re-appointed and invested the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp David Hampton. E Comp Robert Asser was appointed, invested and proclaimed as Second Provincial Grand Principal followed by E Comp Roderick Kent, who was appointed, invested and proclaimed as the Third Provincial Grand Principal. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent presented a Past Second Provincial Grand Principals Collarette & Jewel to E Comp Phillip Masters with grateful thanks for his hard work and dedication over the last 3 years as Second Provincial Grand Principal, which was preceded by 2 years as Third Provincial Grand Principal and 3 years as Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

In 2020, E Comp David Broomer was appointed as the Provincial Grand Scribe E and E Comp James Angus as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, both being invested at the Annual Convocation hosted on 2nd November 2020 in St Albans under the rule of 6. E Comp Iain Green was appointed as Assistant Provincial Grand Scribe E but not invested, however all three were re-appointed this year. E Comp Tim Huckle, Provincial Grand Treasurer having been re-elected was also invested. Also, in 2020, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent appointed E Comp’s Peter Pateman, Peter Walters and Kevin Gould as Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principal’s and had the pleasure of re-appointing and investing them at this Convocation. 

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the Deputy Grand Superintendent welcomed and congratulated six representative Exaltees to the meeting in the persons of Comp’s: Martin Greenaway of St Michaels Chapter Nº 2136; Andrew Saxton  of Chantry Bodina Chapter Nº 9121; Martin Kennedy of Sprig of Acacia Chapter Nº 3318; Lee Dorman of Stortford Chapter Nº 409; Robert Garry of Chapter of Grand Design Nº 7567 and Alan Brittain of Cranbourne Chapter Nº 1580.

E Comp James Sharpley, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent presented his Certificate of Service to Royal Arch Masonry to E Comp Roland Gonsolvis of Queens Oak Chapter Nº 9262; E Comp John Tombs of St Amphibalus in Jubilation Chapter Nº 8831 and E Comp Audas Vipas of Radlett Chapter Nº 6652 who received their certificates and the grateful thanks from the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for their service and dedication over many years. The Deputy Grand Superintendent presented each of them with a commemorative gold tie pin and offered his congratulations to them on the honour conferred.  The Companions were warmly applauded by all the Companions. Unfortunately, E Comp James Innes of Sprig of Acacia Chapter Nº3318 could not be in attendance and his certificate and lapel pin will be presented in the near future at an appropriate time and place.

In his address, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent bid a hearty welcome back to all in attendance at the Provincial Convocation after the Coronavirus Pandemic hiatus to our masonic activities and thanked them all for their continued support, particularly at these uncertain times. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent also highlighted the current and new initiatives and thanked all the Companions for their support and enthusiasm for the Royal Arch in Hertfordshire. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent also made mention of the retirement of the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Phillip Masters for his unstinting service to the Province. (The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent’s full address can be found in a separate article). 

The Festive Board was well attended and received, with 257 Companions and Guests dining in the Vestibule, outside the doors to the Grand Temple, following which the Deputy Grand Superintendent thanked the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for presiding over the Province during these unprecedented times and over such a wonderful meeting before proposing a toast to his continued success and health. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent responded with grateful thanks and that he was enjoying the companionship and support from all the Companions in this Province of Happy Hertfordshire.