Deputy Grand Superintendents’ Toast to the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp James William Sharpley it is now 9 years’ since you were installed as the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and I have had the privilege and pleasure to propose a toast to your health over as many years. Today, you have successfully presided over your 10th and final Annual Convocation”……at which point all the Companions present stood with a spontaneous and rapturous round of applause for two minutes, after which the Deputy Grand Superintendent continued “….and I am sure that ALL THE COMPANIONS will agree what a wonderful and successful meeting it has been.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent’s toast went onto to highlight the successes of the initiatives and strategies that have been implemented over the last nine years; the Mentoring scheme, the Royal Arch Representative scheme, the Chapters Liaison Officer scheme, the 2019 Craft Festival Appeal and of course guiding the Province through that bleak period of the Covid lockdowns. Mention was also made of the “ONE JOURNEY, ONE ORGANISATION” UGLE & SGC membership strategy that the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and his team, alongside the Provincial Grand Master and his team were implementing for the future success and growth of the Province. He also made mention of the success of the work supporting our Danish Brethren & Companions, assisting them to complete their journey inaugurating the Supreme Grand Chapter of Denmark in March 2023.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent concluded “Companions, our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent has been working tirelessly over the last 9 years ensuring that the Province of Hertfordshire has been well represented throughout Supreme Grand Chapter, its’ Provinces and in our Chapters, as well as all the unseen work that he has attended too behind the scenes…….

……. Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, your legacy and influence will continue in the Province for many years’ to come and you should be justly proud of what you have achieved since coming to office in 2014. I have been privileged to be your Deputy Grand Superintendent since your installation, and I know, speaking on behalf of all the Executive Members, Present and Past, that they too have been privileged to have served as part of your TEAM. Over the last 9 years, the Chapters and Companions in the Province have benefited from your strong leadership and wise council. On behalf of ALL the Companions of your Province, I thank you most sincerely for your time, your friendship, your companionship, your leadership and your dedication to the Royal Arch which has in turn ensured that we ALL have continued to enjoy our Royal Arch Masonry in this Province of Happy Hertfordshire”.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent then invited ALL the Companions to rise and raise their glasses to the continued health and success in the year to come, of our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, James William Sharpley

David J Hampton
Deputy Grand Superintendent