Provincial Grand Chapter 2023

Today, 6th November 2023, the E Comp James Sharpley presided over his last convocation as the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Hertfordshire. Read the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Address here

Like all meetings of Provincial Grand Chapter, the day starts early for the active officers. The first rehearsal was underway by 11am with the provincial team putting the final touches to todays meeting. The ever helpful Provincial Stewards were on duty to direct Companions where they needed to go.

As the temple began to fill up and companions took their seats and the precessions began. The Convocation was attended by 340 Companions of the Province and Guests and 11 Grand Superintendent’s. 

Continuing the close relationship between Hertfordshire and the newly established Supreme Grand Chapter of Denmark, attending today’s convocation were the first Pro First Grand Principal, E Comp John Harbo, the Second Grand Principal E Comp Borge Holm, the Third Grand Principal E Comp Hans Madsen, the Grand Scribe E, E Comp Michael Strandberg and the Grand Director of Ceremonies E Comp Karel Bours together with 14 other Companions, including E Comp Per Jorgensen who was awarded  the rank of Provincial Grand Steward

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was pleased to re-appointed the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp David Hampton, E Comp Robert Asser as Second Provincial Grand Principal and E Comp John Linley as the Third Provincial Grand Principal.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent thank E Comp David Broomer for all his hard work throughout the year and was re-appointed as the Provincial Grand Scribe E. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent congratulated E Comp James Angus for his work re-engaging the companions with the ceremonies again after the Covid-19 pandemic. E Comp James Angus was then re-appointed as the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent thanked E Comp Tim Huckle for his many years of service as the Provincial Grand Treasurer. E Comp Cameron Mackenzie was elected as the new Provincial Grand Treasurer who was appointed and invested by The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent.

In total the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was pleased to make 13 re-appointments, invest 24 active officers, make 37 promotions and 9 Companions received their first appointment.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the Deputy Grand Superintendent then welcomed and congratulated five representative Exaltees to the meeting. 

E Comp James Sharpley, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent presented his Certificate of Service to Royal Arch Masonry to four companions: Dallas David Banfield PPGSN Watford 404, Leslie John Bernard Butler PPGSN Charles Edward Keyser 2518, Leonard Roy Fletcher PPGSN King Henry the Eighth 1757 and Denis Patrick Gibney PPGSN who received their certificates and the grateful thanks from the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for their service and dedication over many years. The Deputy Grand Superintendent presented each of them with a commemorative gold tie pin and offered his congratulations to them on the honour conferred.  The Companions were warmly applauded by all the Companions. 

The Festive Board was well attended and received, with 240 Companions and Guests dining in the Connaught Rooms. The Deputy Grand Superintendent gave a heartfelt toast to the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, celebrating his 10th and final Annual Convocation the response could not have been greater with the Companions breaking out into a rapturous round of applause which lasted two minutes! A true testament to his strong leadership he has delivered over the last 9 years.

Read Deputy Grand Superintendents Toast here