Old Fullerian Chapter No 4698 – Banner & Robes Dedication; Odense, Denmark

In May 2018, owing to its’ decreasing membership, The Old Fullerian Chapter no 4698 held its last meeting at Watford and with the help of the Royal Arch Province of Hertfordshire, had decided to “export” itself  to Odense in Denmark. At this last meeting on UK soil, the members of the Chapter donated a new set of Robes and Sceptres for the Danish Companions to take with them for the Chapter to use in their new home.
It was felt at the time that these new Robes and Sceptres needed to be dedicated and so on Saturday 25th May 2019, the MEGS, E Comp. James Sharpley, accompanied by the Second and Third
Provincial Grand Principals, E Comp’s Phil Masters and Rod Hancock along with E Comp. Alan Withey, PastDepGDC, acting as ProvDC and E Comp. Jon Lydon, ProvGJan, acting as ProvDepDC and other Provincial Grand Officers, travelled to Odense in Denmark to dedicate the new set of Robes and Sceptres for the Old Fullerian Chapter no 4698.

The weekend began when members of the Provincial Team met up at Luton Airport on Friday morning to catch a flight to Copenhagen. On arrival in Copenhagen, they were met by Comps Bjarne Rojbaek and Kurt Kunz who ensured that we were able to get the correct tickets and trains to Odense. On arrival in Odense we were met by other members the Old Fullerian Chapter, Comp’s Jakob Skarregaard and Hans Madsen who guided the team to the hotel for the weekend.

Saturday started at 7.30am with all the participants meeting for breakfast in the Radisson Blue Hans Christian Anderson Hotel in Odense. At around 8.30am some of the Danish Members of the Old Fullerian Chapter met the team at the hotel and transported them to the Masonic House on the outskirts of town. After a quick run through of the proceedings, the Chapter was opened with Solemn Prayer just after 10.00am.

After the MEZ, E. Comp. Ib Ravn-Aagaard welcomed the MEGS and other members from the Province, a successful ballot was taken for Bro Bent Kass Tvingsholm, a candidate for exaltation, after which Bro Tvingsholm was admitted into the Chapter and exalted in fine style by the members of the Chapter. After the MEZ and the MEGS had congratulated Comp Tvingsholm, the Chapter was called off to allow the Provincial Team time to prepare for the main reason for the visit, which was to dedicate the new Robes and Sceptres which the UK members of the Chapter had presented to the Danes at the last meeting of the Old Fullerian Chapter in the UK. E Comp. Rod Hancock delivered a very moving and personal oration, as although he is the Third Provincial Grand Principal, he is also a member of the Chapter.
Whilst the Provincial team were attending the Convocation, the UK ladies were looked after by the ladies from the Old Fullerian Chapter with a tour around Odense and some of the Hans Christian Anderson Museums.

After the Provincial team had retired in order to “restore themselves to their personal comforts” and returned to the Chapter, the Proclamation and Installation of the Principals was carried out. Following which, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent supported by the Second Provincial Grand Principal presented Supreme Grand Chapter certificates to seven Companions. The day was rounded off when all the Ladies joined the Companions for a white table festive board.

Saturday evening was spent relaxing in one of the local bars and after breakfast on Sunday, the party returned to Copenhagen where they were treated to a guided tour of the city by the MEZ of Old Fullerian Chapter, E. Comp. Ib Ravn-Aagaard, including a canal tour of the city, before returning to the airport where most of the party had flights to catch back to the UK.

A great, rewarding but exhausting weekend was had by all in attendance.